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Dream | Relax | Love

Weddings are stressful - it's a lot of pressure to have the greatest day of your life.  Having HB come in takes the stress out of  lighting, custom bars and gobos (what on earth is a gobo?  It's an insert for the light that has custom text - display your name in lights!) drape and more.   


What our customers are saying

"Thank you to HB for bringing my vision to life on our wedding day. Everything they did was perfect - I had the best vendors and was so lucky to work with them." 

Anything You Can Dream

Have an idea and not sure how to make it happen?

No matter what you're looking for HB has the décor and design expertise to add the perfect touch to your wedding with elegant lights, drapes, sheers, custom chandeliers, gobos, and custom bars.  Romantic or rustic, playful or traditional, HB will make the whole night come together.  Guests can't make it? Share the big day anywhere in the world with live streaming and keep the recording forever. 


HB is located in Grand Forks with knowledgeable staff who can help you find what you need to solve your problem or complete your project. Whether it’s stopping in for a specific adapter or bringing in equipment to be repaired, we can help. Both HB locations provide a full rental department including projectors, microphones, speakers, and much more. All rental items are maintained and tested regularly and we will walk you through set up and proper usage. 


HB is your local technology store, rental department, and repair shop.