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Innovate | Adapt | Lead

You have the passion and desire for your product or service, let HB help you take it to the next level. From trade show to a new conference room, we can help you plan and budget the perfect solution.  Perhaps you need to rent some more equipment or have it installed, we have options for every budget.  

Event Production

Your business is what you know best. Event production is what HB knows best. With over 25 years of experience in the live events industry, our team has the expertise to ensure your event represents you and your business in the best light possible. Whether it’s an internal announcement to employees in the warehouse, or a community groundbreaking event, HB gives you peace of mind. As an industry leader, HB has been trusted to produce events for clients such as Microsoft, Sanford Health, and even the White House.  


No need to worry about delays or unexpected equipment issues. HB has an extensive inventory of everything to make your event shine. All equipment is stored in-house and maintained and tested frequently. 


Your message is your promise to the community. HB will make sure it’s heard and seen, loud and clear.

• Galas

• Conventions

• Annual Meetings

• Conferences

• Board Meetings

* Live Streams

* Hybrid events

• Round Tables

* Fundraisers

• Ribbon cuttings

• Grand Openings

• Christmas parties

• Special Announcements

What our customers are saying

“Grand Forks and Fargo are lucky to have a production company that strives to bring highly produced and professional concerts and events to the area. They have top notch staff and equipment. I would highly recommend them!”

John Nelson

Vice President of Operations, BBI International


Your existing technology might seem like it’s working just fine or maybe updates are obvious. Either way, HB install technicians can visit your business in person and develop a plan to improve productivity, efficiency, security, professionalism, and comfort. HB specializes in conference room design, audio installation, security, video and projection, lighting, automated control systems, noise masking, and access control. 


HB technicians are versed in the latest and best solutions for your office. When you meet with a client or present for potential investors you want the best technology in order to impress. HB works with quality vendors to put your mind at ease ensuring everything works the first time. Also, being a local business in your community, we take the time to train you and your team in using the equipment. What good is a fancy new boardroom that nobody knows how to use? And just in case, we are always just a phone call away if you have issues. 


HB will give you the tools to succeed, we specialize in:


• Video

Security systems

• Automated Controls systems

Business Access control

Tech support

• Acoustic treatment installation


HB Security Options

• Access Control

• Security systems

• Security cameras

• Door access swipe cards

• Access from your phone or computer

• Text alerts

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Full Service video department
HB’s video department includes state of the art video equipment, video switchers, camera operators, editing services, and much more. Your annual meeting might need event capture to fulfill the bylaws, or you want footage to create promotional videos for next year, or even live streaming directly to your YouTube page. Just let us know what you need and HB can do it.


HB is located in Grand Forks with knowledgeable staff who can help you find what you need to solve your problem or complete your project. Whether it’s stopping in for a specific adapter or bringing in equipment to be repaired, we can help. Both HB locations provide a full rental department including projectors, microphones, speakers, and much more. All rental items are maintained and tested regularly and we will walk you through set up and proper usage. 


HB is your local technology store, rental department, and repair shop.