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As technology continually evolves, the way students learn does, too. Keep your school on the cutting edge with HB. From interactive smart boards in the classroom, to light and sound systems in gym class, HB can help you engage your students in fun and innovative ways. When students prepare for graduation from high school or college, count on HB’s experienced audio video production team to capture this special occasion. For those who can’t attend in person, HB provides live streaming so family and friends can watch commencement anywhere in the world.

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Education has come a long way since the days of the one room schoolhouse. Today technology is a vital part of the learning process. HB’s skilled technicians can equip your school with the latest audio, visual, and interactive technology. Active boards or touch screens have elevated chalkboards to the modern age. Sound masking, audio systems, sophisticated lighting, and acoustical treatment also play an important role in the learning environment. HB specializes in all aspects of audio, visual, and lighting in theaters, gymnasiums, and multi purpose spaces. 

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"Because of you professionals, I sleep at night."

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Your school is a busy place. HB can assist you in surveilling, monitoring, and controlling the activity in your building. From cameras and sensors to access control, HB’s expert installers can give you peace of mind knowing that your building and the people in it are secure. Monitoring is much more than tracking people. We can send you a notification directly to your phone if water is leaking into your building or the temperature drops below your desired range.

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HB is located in Grand Forks with knowledgeable staff who can help you find what you need to solve your problem or complete your project. Whether it’s stopping in for a specific adapter or bringing in equipment to be repaired, we can help. Both HB locations provide a full rental department including projectors, microphones, speakers, and much more. All rental items are maintained and tested regularly and we will walk you through set up and proper usage. 


HB is your local technology store, rental department, and repair shop.