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Network Hub and Cable
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Your facility is like your second home, just with a lot more people coming and going! HB has the tools and experience to outfit your building with the latest technology so you can focus on your business without worry. We can permanently install the equipment that gives your facility an edge over the competition and our event technicians can supplement whatever you need for those special occasions.


From productivity to performance, your facility needs to support it all. HB’s expert technicians can help you navigate the seemingly unlimited options for technology in your space. Security systems, including keyless entry, cameras, sensors, monitoring and much more are just the beginning. Aesthetics and functionality are key when installing lighting, LED panels, digital signage, projection, and boardroom technology. And HB knows audio. Afterall, the founder is a sound guy. We can install acoustic panels, PA systems, noise masking technology, and anything audio related that you can think of.

HB will give you the tools to succeed, we specialize in:

• Audio

• Video

• Tech support

• Acoustic treatment installation

What our customers are saying

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you did for us at our 2019 Spectra Conference. We are grateful for your sponsorship and for making the event truly spectacular! We couldn’t have done it without you. It was a great way to show off your services, Alerus Center and Grand Forks to our other facilities. Thanks for always making the Alerus Center look beautiful!"

Anna Rosburg

Alerus Center

Security Camera Video Surveillance

Security Systems

Security means more to us than just keeping the “bad guys” out. Security needs to address the new challenges; creating healthy environments, implementing new policies and practices in the workspace, compliance monitoring, fraud reduction, and overall employee safety in the workplace. Many buildings may have systems that can help answer some of these issues but HB can help you create and maintain a fully integrated security system.


Keep your employees safe and secure with a wide variety of security options. Keyless entry, cameras, cloud based solutions, we can help you find your needs and options that fit those needs.

HB will give you the tools to succeed, we specialize in:

• Security systems

• Automated Controls systems

• Access control

• Tech support

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