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Acoustical treatment installation can transform a difficult sounding space into a usable space. HB's years of experience can help your frustration turn to excitement.

Acoustical treatment installation

Solving noise control problems can be the difference between a space people want to use and a space they want to avoid.

Acoustical treatment panels are a great way to get amazing soundproofing.  HB has a variety of high quality products to solve your biggest headaches.  Call us today to hear more about Acoustical treatment installation.



• Schools

• Gyms

• Offices

• Board rooms

• Event venues

• Restaurants

• Conference rooms

• Industrial spaces

• Places of worship

• Hospitals and health care facilities


HB has locations in Grand Forks and Fargo with knowledgeable staff who can help you find what you need to solve your problem or complete your project. Whether it’s stopping in for a specific adapter or bringing in equipment to be repaired, we can help. Both HB locations provide a full rental department including projectors, microphones, speakers, and much more. All rental items are maintained and tested regularly and we will walk you through set up and proper usage. 


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