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Annual Lego Open House

(Fill out application and email to barb.jorgenson@hbsound.com or mail to HB's Grand Forks location)

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Why we Lego.

Once a year, we open our middle warehouse to our Annual Holiday Lego display.  Every year it's grown and we like to share our love for the little plastic brick with the community.  A local group - GFKlug (Grand Forks Lego User Group) is responsible for putting on the Lego Open House.  Why is it hosted at HB?  Multiple employees have the Lego love and winter is a slower time that allows us to use the space differently.


Interested in donating Lego to the group? email Tricia at tricia.lunski@hbsound.com or call 701-775-1150

"This is our favorite holiday event in Grand Forks. We love to see the new creations and the games are hilarious" 

- Janna, Grand Forks