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I didn't know you did that!

We hear this phrase more than we like. HB has so many different areas of expertise - people usually think we are known for the one thing they hired us for. If you see us at a corporate event, you don't know we do security systems. If you see us at a concert, you don't know we have a full rental department. If you see our retail in Fargo, you don't know we have retail in Grand Forks.

We are going to spend a couple of weeks trying to explain a little more about HB. How we are connecting people.

Camera - we have a full video department to work with your team

Expert lighting - lighting can make all the difference. You want to look good!

Staging - we rent any size stage, from 4' x 8' to 38' x 48'

LED backdrop - Versatile backdrop is not just a backdrop anymore!

Confidence monitor* - Shows the presenter their notes, what's coming next or the screen behind them.

Effect lighting - change the feel of the room, with a change of lights.

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