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NEW INVENTORY ALERT: New laser effects light by CHAUVET DJ

Simon and Garfunkel, peanut butter with jelly, and lasers with fog. What do all of these combinations have in common? They are all great on their own, but work better together. Lasers and fog machines share a partnership that is made for the ages. On their own they are a great addition to any event. Although together they can transform a space into a visual marvel. Fog will illuminate the laser beams leaving behind a trail of light that enhances the lasers use.

HB has recently added Chauvet Scorpion RGB laser units to our rental inventory and they are absolutely stunning. We are excited for folks to try these out. When placing your lighting rental go ahead and add that fog machine and bring your lighting to the next level.

When planning your events contact your venue to verify that fog machines are allowed in their facility.

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